Attack on Titan: Final Season Moves Forward as OST Wraps Recording

Attack on Titan is still slated to debut its final season this year, so the show has a lot riding on it. The series is known as one of the best out there, and the sheer size of its fandom would intimidate any anime. Still, the team behind Attack on Titan is keeping the hype out of mind as they focus on work, and a new update confirms a major step has been taken towards the season's debut.

Over on Twitter, Kohta Yamamoto had the Internet buzzing when they posted a short message about Attack on Titan. It was there the musician informed fans that the original soundtrack for Attack on Titan's final season would be wrapping today after some time spent recording.

"The recording of Attack on Titan: The Final Season with Hiroyuki Sawano and the accompanying players started the other day! I forgot to take a picture, but I am so grateful to all of our wonderful musicians. Today is the last day of recording," Yamamoto shared.

Of course, Yamamoto is in the studio recording alongside Sawano as mention. The latter has been the mastermind behind Attack on Titan's music since day one. Much of the show's iconic tracks were overseen by Sawano, and fans are expecting him to show out this season. If there is ever a time to give all you've got, it is during the final season, and Attack on Titan deserves nothing less.


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