Attack On Titan Unleashes First Season Four Trailer

The first trailer for the final season of Attack On Titan's anime has arrived! Promising to end the story of the Survey Corps and the war that has waged for hundreds of years between Marley and Eldia, the fourth season is promising to offer plenty of action, death, and betrayal that the series has been known for during its dark run. Based on the events that have taken place within the manga following the conclusion of the third season, there are plenty of big moments that will be told in the upcoming season.

One of the most controversial announcements with the release of this trailer and other tidbits is the fact that Wit Studio will not be at the helm for the final season of the series, but rather Studio MAPPA will be handling the titanic task of bringing to life the final adventures of Eren and his friends as they storm the gates of Marley. MAPPA is also responsible for the upcoming anime series of Jujutsu Kaisen anime and has dozens of series under their belt, though we're sure that it will definitely sting a number of fans of the hard hitting franchise that Wit won't be putting together the final season of the anime.

Without going into too many spoilers for fans who haven't been following along with the manga, the final season of Attack On Titan leaves all the cards on the table and is promising to cap off the war between the people of Marley and Eldia. At the conclusion of season three, Eren and his friends had finally discovered the truth behind the war between the two factions, vowing to bring the war to the nation of Marley that has been killing their people for so long.

In the trailer itself, fans of the manga will notice more than a few big moments and characters that will be arriving in the upcoming season. Based on the events of the war between the two nations, this season is sure to be one of the biggest and bloodiest of the series to date!


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