Attack on Titan Creator Celebrates Franchise's Museum With New Art

Attack on Titan has a major museum in Japan and creator Hajim Isayama celebrates a museum milestone with new art.

Attack on Titan is preparing to end its anime adaptation this fall, as Studio MAPPA will be bringing the decade-long journey of the Scout Regiment to a close. A number of years back, Hajime Isayama had done the same with the manga series that started it all, and while he might not be aiming to return to this universe for a sequel series, the mangaka clearly still loves the story he made. Now, to celebrate a major milestone for Attack on Titan's Museum in Hita, Japan, Isayama has created new art assembling quite a few characters.

The Attack on Titan Museum opened its doors in 2021 and features quite a few originals when it comes to the dark anime franchise. Of the many pieces of original art that the Museum houses, it also has life-sized statues of popular characters including Eren, Mikasa, Armin, and Levi, Titan figurines, an original manga of the cast visiting the town of Hita, and more. The Museum even has an app that fans can use in the town of Hita to bring some of the most terrifying Titans to life. Unfortunately, there has been no word of a similar museum making its way to North America though there are plenty of Attack on Titan fans in the West that would visit.

Attack on Museum Milestone

Hajime Isayama has been quite adamant that he isn't planning on creating a sequel to Attack on Titan, which might make some fans sad, but certainly makes sense considering the manga's grand finale. Luckily, Isayama wasn't averse to potentially revisiting the series by drawing an untold story focused on Captain Levi's earlier days. To help in celebrating a quarter of a million visitors to the Attack on Titan Museum, Isayama once again assembled Levi, the Scout Regiment, and more for a new sketch.

When last we left the Scouts in the penultimate episode of Attack on Titan's final season, Mikasa, Armin, and their allies were finally brought face-to-face with Eren Jaeger and his army of Colossal Titans. MAPPA has confirmed that the series will come to an end this fall but has yet to reveal a release date for the final adventure. Much like the rest of the series, expect some mind-bending twists along with some brutal moments. 

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