Attack on Titan Cosplay Goes Viral for DIY Maneuvering Gear

Attack on Titan's 3D maneuver gear is one of the coolest ideas in the franchise, and now it's come to life through some awesome do it yourself cosplay! When the series first made its anime debut years ago, it instantly caught the attention of fans everywhere not only for providing a bleak, but action-filled world of Titans but gave humanity one of the slickest ways of fighting back through a system of blades and wires. Created as a way to reach the napes of the Titans, this gear sort of balanced the scales throughout the series.

Although it might be a while before a fully functioning version of the 3D maneuver gear could come to life, one crafty artist has done the next best thing with a detailed (and operational) cardboard version of the gear. We're now one step closer to seeing the full 3D action of one of anime's best weapons!

Crafty Transformer (who you can find on Twitter here and on YouTube here) has gone viral for their do it yourself version of the gear complete with pieces that lock into one another and can be jettisoned once used just like the Survey Corps do in the anime! Check it out:

While not fully operational, Attack on Titan's maneuver gear has gotten official live-action interpretations in the past. A new live-action adaptation of the series was announced to be in the works a couple of years ago, but no word has been released on its progress thus far. It hasn't stopped fans from imagining the kind of cast that could show up in the new project, however. It just goes to show just how willing fans are to see a version of the franchise in the real world!

Do you think Attack on Titan's 3d maneuver gear could actually work in the real world? Would you be willing to try it out if that happened? How does it rank amongst all of anime's best weapons and gear? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

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