Attack on Titan: Here's Where to Start the Manga After Part 2 Finale

The second part of Attack on Titan's final season ended on quite the cliffhanger, with Eren Jaeger bearing down on the world that threatened the island of Paradis for so long. The same day as the final episode aired, Studio MAPPA announced that a third batch of episodes of the last season would arrive next year, which might be too long a wait for some fans. If you want to know what happens to the Scout Regiment and Eren's genocidal rampage, you can dive into the manga series right this moment and we here at will fill you in where to start.

The latest episode of Attack on Titan's anime translated the majority of the 130th chapter of the manga, with said chapter ending at the exact same moment wherein Eren was leading the row of Colossal Titans known as the Rumbling directly at the forces of Marley. With the unstoppable behemoths burning through countless ships thanks to the steam blasting from their bodies and the cannon fire seemingly unable to destroy the vast majority of them thanks to only the napes in their neck being vulnerable, the nation of Marley is about to face some rough seas ahead along with the rest of the world that lies outside of Paradis. 

If you just can't wait to see what happens to the Scout Regiment and their new battle against their former friend Eren, you are safe in picking up Chapter 131 and reading right up until the conclusion of the series, which takes place in Chapter 139. Keep in mind, creator Hajime Isayama did release a director's cut of the final chapter, giving readers much more insight into the world of the Titans, its end, and where the franchise could go in the future if it were to ever return for new stories. While Isayama himself continues to enjoy his retirement, perhaps one day he'll feel the urge to return to the world of the Children of Ymir. 

Currently, the anime series has no word on when Attack on Titan will return for the third part of its final season aside from next year, leaving fans to wonder if viewers will have to wait another full year to watch the conclusion. Regardless, if you can't stand the wait and don't mind reading the conclusion, it might be worth checking out the manga.


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