Is ‘Attack On Titan' Hinting At A New Grim Reminder?

Attack on Titan is on the cusp of its 100th chapter, and the manga just set itself up for the huge [...]

Attack on Titan is on the cusp of its 100th chapter, and the manga just set itself up for the huge milestone with its latest update. Hajime Isayama saw his newest chapter for Attack on Titan go live this month, and some fans are convinced a grim reminder is coming for the folks of Marley.

If you have read Attack on Titan's new chapter, then you will know it is a doozy. The update follows Reiner Braun after the Titan Shifter finds himself face-to-face with Eren Jaeger. The latter forces Reiner and his younger protege to sit and listen to a play the Tybur family is putting on for an internment camp above them.

As the chapter goes forward, fans learn a shocking truth about Marley and its history. William Tybur tells the audience their longtime fear of King Fritz and his bloodline was misguided; The royal actually helped save Marley by teaming up with the Tybur family, but the Fritz clan has since fallen into disarray after Paradis held a coup. William tells the audience Eren is now the face whom Marley should fear as he has disrupted King Fritz's peaceful vision for Marley, but fans know there is more to the story than meets the eye.

During the chapter, fans read on as Eren told Reiner he came to Marley to do what the elder did. The vague comment was met with plenty of speculation, but some fans are convinced Eren and the Survey Corps are planning to give Marley a grim reminder of their own. The Colossal Titan turned life in Paradis upside-down with his debut, and Reiner helped usher that reminder in with Annie as well. Eren would not be amiss in wanting revenge against Marley, and Reiner's face during his encounter with Eren makes it look like he's expecting the worse.

The play is a packed place housing some of Attack on Titan's most powerful people. Nobles and dignitaries flocked to hear the true history of Marley, and Eren's team could wreak havoc if he shifts or cues Armin to turn into the Colossal Titan. The loss of life would be staggering, and the damage done to Marley would solidify William's words abou Paradis being their actual enemy now that King Fritz is gone.

Thanks to William's reveal, Eren has every reason to hold back from giving Marley a grim reminder. The provocation will only cement his reputation with the country, but the Tybur family would surely love to throw some more blame on Eren. Tensions are running high in Attack on Titan and readers are convinced some mass bloodshed is coming for all of the play's poor attendees. It is only a matter of finding out who will spill the first blood; Will Eren actually be the one to shoot first, or will the Tybur family orchestrate an execution they can pin on the Survey Corps soldier?

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