Attack on Titan Cliffhanger Ends with Its Biggest Death Yet

Attack on Titan is less than a month from its end, and fans are preparing to say goodbye to the [...]

Attack on Titan is less than a month from its end, and fans are preparing to say goodbye to the manga after more than a decade. The fantastical series has enthralled readers around the globe thanks to its brutal action and political twists. With its second-to-last chapter free, fans are eating up the update, and it ends with one of the most shocking deaths in the manga to date.

So you have been warned! There are major spoilers below for Attack on Titan chapter 138. This is your final notice!

If you have read through all of chapter 138, then you will know Attack on Titan went off with its latest update. The manga's penultimate chapter began with a happy celebration that quickly soured as Eren made a surprise comeback. The explosion launched by Reiner and Armin failed to kill the man, and Eren is out for blood. The pair struggle to kill Eren even after he turns hundreds if not thousands into Titans, but Mikasa is able to get to her love in the end.

And before the chapter ends, Mikasa makes the most difficult decision of her life. The heroine cuts off Eren's head in order to save the world, and the final page of chapter 189 ends with the two sharing a kiss in death.

The upsetting moment left readers shocked as you may understand. Eren is the biggest character of Attack on Titan given his lead status. Despite his turn to the dark side, Eren's place as the protagonist left many assured he would live through the finale. Now, it seems like his death has come at the hands of Mikasa, but some are convinced Eldian magic will bring the hero back to life before the manga closes shop.

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