Attack on Titan Reveals Eren's Final Titan Form

With the penultimate chapter of Attack On Titan having been released, readers have born witness to [...]

With the penultimate chapter of Attack On Titan having been released, readers have born witness to the final Titan form of Eren Jaeger, which is perhaps his most disturbing to date. With only one chapter to go in Hajime Isayama's dark fantasy, Chapter 138 wasn't afraid to kill off a number of familiar characters, while also setting up the last installment of the Survey Corps. Though fans are left wondering how the anime adaptation will come to a close, it's clear that the manga is looking to end with a bang.

The previous chapter of the series ended on a major cliffhanger that saw Reiner and Armin working together to deal one final blow to Eren's skeletal form after he had been separated by both Zeke and the Founding Titan's power as a result. The encompassing Colossal Titan blast seemed to destroy Eren's body, but Chapter 138 of the series reveals that it really only brought out one final and massive Titan transformation from Eren in the process. You can check it out below, but there are obviously major spoilers ahead for the second to final chapter of the series!

Attack on Titan Eren Final Form Spoilers
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Chapter 138 of the series soon reveals that Armin and Reiner's effort did not work. Although it had separated Eren from the Founding Titan power, Eren soon arises with an even more powerful transformation. Although it's not longer a skeletal frame, it's a far more frightening version of Eren's Attack Titan transformation than ever before. Still retaining the old likeness of the transformation, it's now the exact same size and height of the Colossal Titan.

Eren's massive form is powerful as well, but a newly formed mental connection with Mikasa clues her into the major weakness in this new transformation. Eren himself is within the mouth of this giant form, and Mikasa soon finds that Eren's head and spine is attached to the rest of his body by pretty much just veins. Veins that she manages to cut following her making her way into his massive mouth.

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