Attack On Titan Finale Delivers Heart Wrenching Levi Moment

Attack On Titan Chapter 139 brings the dark tale of the Scout Regiment to a close, and while manga fans might be debating whether or not the final chapter of the series was able to live up to the hype, readers would be hard-pressed not to get misty for a noteworthy Captain Levi moment. With Levi easily earning his place as a fan-favorite character in the epic anime franchise created by Hajime Isayama, it's clear that the Captain of the Survey Corps got his chance in the sun and was instrumental in the final events of the finale.

Warning. This article contains spoilers for the final chapter of Attack On Titan's manga, Chapter 139, so if you don't want the rest of season four of the anime spoiled, steer clear.

With the final fight between Eren Jaeger and the Survey Corps resulting in the Attack Titan losing his head as a result of Mikasa's attack, Eren was able to use the power of the Founding Titan to give his former friends a gift. Said gift was the elimination of the power of the Titans from the world, bringing back the likes of Gabi, Falco, Connie, and Jean to name a few. Prior to Ymir's power leaving the world, the Scout Regiment was able to see some of their lost friends and family for the last time, giving Captain Levi the opportunity for a heartwarming moment wherein he said goodbye to his fallen comrades.

Attack On Titan Levi
(Photo: Kodansha & Wit)

Having the opportunity to see the likes of Erwin, Hange, and so many of his fellow comrades in arms one more time, he gives them a final salute before they venture into the great beyond, despite the numerous injuries he suffered as a result of the final battle against Eren. Levi's strength came not just from his ability to wield the power of maneuver gear, but also because of his devotion to his fellow Eldians.

As we see in the final moments of the chapter, Levi lives on, finally gaining peace after spending the majority of his life fighting against external and internal threats alike. Though we doubt that there will be a sequel to Attack On Titan, Levi's place as a fan favorite anime character will continue for years following the series' conclusion.


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