Attack on Titan Creator Writes Final Author Note to Fans

Attack on Titan has come to an end in print, and readers are still working through the loss. After more than a decade, the hit series closed this past week with chapter 139. The emotional finale has opened up even more questions about Hajime Isayama's expansive world, but thanks to a new author's note, fans know the writer wants little more than a break right now.

So if you were hoping for some clarification, you might want to temper your expectations. Isayama has plans already for his retirement, and they do not involve Eren or Attack on Titan.

As for his final author note, Isayama was brief with his message. The artist included a short message in the most recent issue of Monthly Shonen Magazine. It was there Isayama thanked Attack on Titan fans for supporting him these past 11.5 years.

"Thank you for 11 and a half years," he wrote. "Please continue to enjoy Monthly Shonen Magazine!"

As for what Isayama plans to do next, well - it may take you by surprise. In the past, the author has spoken extensively about his dream for the future. While he might return to manga some day, Isayama says he wants to open a spa once finishing Attack on Titan. The humble dream has been with Isayama for years now, so we hope he can open up a spa in peace. And when the pandemic is under more control, we're sure fans of Attack on Titan will flock to the resort!


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