Attack On Titan Releases Final Chapter

The final chapter of Attack On Titan has arrived, bringing to a close the story of the Scout [...]

The final chapter of Attack On Titan has arrived, bringing to a close the story of the Scout Regiment, and while not every character received a happy ending, Hajime Isayama's final tale is sure to pull on a few heart strings along the way. As Chapter 139 brings to a close the battle that spawned from the war between the Children of Ymir and the nation of Marley, it's clear that the manga is seeking to give us a definitive ending for the characters that we have come to know and love over the years for this dark anime pic.

The chapter is currently available to read on both Crunchyroll as a Premium Member of the subscription service or by purchasing it on the site known as Comixology. Needless to say, fans of the dark series can expect several surprises as some of their favorite characters find themselves picking up the pieces of the final battle that has shattered the world in more ways than one.

Big Warning. If you have yet to read the final chapter of Attack On Titan's manga, Chapter 139, you might want to steer clear of the rest of this article as we'll be diving into serious spoiler territory.

With the previous chapter seeing Mikasa decapitate Eren, we witness the final conversation between Armin and the youngest Jaeger, as the Colossal Titan attempts to figure out why his former friend decided to eradicate eighty percent of the population.

Attack On Titan Final Chapter Now
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"Did you really need to go that far? Was all of this really for our sake?" A young version of Armin asks on the landscape of the "Paths". With Eren unleashing the full power of the Rumbling, he decided to follow through on a plan that he believed would save the world, and place the fate of the future in the hands of Mikasa, who was ultimately able to kill her love.

Before Eren dies, he is able to eliminate the power of the Titans from the world, not only freeing the likes of Armin, Reiner, and Annie, but also bringing back Jean, Connie, Gabi, and so many others that were transformed during the final battle. As the threat of the Titans subsides, a brief peace is achieved, but the final pages hint that Eldia is still preparing for a war against the rest of the world.

The final pages focus on the Scout Regiment planning to share their story with their world, as Mikasa says one last goodbye to Eren, under the tree where the series began.

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