Attack On Titan Explains How the Original Titan Came to Be

Attack On Titan is coming to a close, with the story's manga that much closer to wrapping the [...]

Attack On Titan is coming to a close, with the story's manga that much closer to wrapping the story of the Survey Corps than its anime, and the latest chapter of the series has revealed one of the biggest questions that have been hovering over the franchise since its inception: "Where did the Titans come from?" While the power of the Nine Titans has been bouncing around some Eldians for some time and the Children of Ymir were revealed to have the ability to transform into Titans, we now know just where the power came from that got the ball rolling!

MAJOR WARNING! If you don't want the origin of the Titans spoiled for you, steer clear now as we'll be diving into just where the Titans came from as revealed in Chapter 137 of Attack On Titan's manga!

With the final chapters of Attack On Titan focusing on the Survey Corps battling against their former friend Eren, being driven mad by the power of the Founding Titan, Armin finds himself in a unique position of coming face to face with Eren's brother Zeke, the wielder of the powers of the Beast Titan. The two have a heart to heart wherein Zeke reveals the origins of the power of the Titans, which was an organism that was one of the first to emerge following the creation of the planet. Wandering beneath the sea, the organism that would eventually give Eldians the power to transform into Titans moved from the depths to eventually create a symbiotic relationship with the young girl Ymir, who became the Founding Titan!

Attack On Titan Origin of the Titans
(Photo: Kodansha)

While we don't see too much detail about what this organism is, or what it is called, we learn that it found its unique way of multiplying via its union with Ymir and originated on the Earth. With Ymir being able to essentially escape death thanks to the power of the Titans, alongside the Eldians who are linked to this power, Armin has a ton of new information to take in as a result of this conversation with Zeke.

Luckily for the Survey Corps, Armin is successful at negotiating with the Beast Titan and thereby bringing all the former Nine Titans to their side, delivering a serious blow to Eren that might have just won them the war.

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