Attack on Titan Season 4 Shares Close Look at Eren's New Design

Attack on Titan has shared a close look at Eren's new character design for the fourth and final season! The final season of the series started out with a slow burn introducing us to new characters from Marley, but things definitely ramped up when it was revealed that Eren had made his way into enemy territory disguised as a wounded soldier. This resulted in a brand new look fans weren't expecting to see following the end of the anime's third season, and now he's gotten yet another makeover heading into the next phase of the final season!

The latest few episodes of Attack on Titan's fourth and final season have seen a different kind of Eren that's willing to do whatever is necessary in order to gain more power. With his violent attack on Marley and devouring of the War Hammer Titan's power, and his forcing the members of the Survey Corps into the battle in order to get him out of enemy territory, it seems we're going to get an even more different Eren than that. This is marked by his change in the newest episode, and you can get a closer look at Eren's new look below:

Episode 68 of Attack on Titan ends with Eren making a declaration that they are now in a situation where it's "fight or die." At the same time, he's seen putting his longer hair into a sort of bun. Anime fans know all too well that major makeovers for the characters don't come lightly, and major changes to their look overall also usually come with a new set of attitudes or characteristics.

This is undoubtedly the case with Eren as well as Attack on Titan's recent string of episodes have shown him to be far more callous and cold than fans had gotten used to in the previous three seasons. But it's also part of his descent and Paradis' greater flow into an all out war. It's really only getting started from here on out.


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