'Attack on Titan' Composer Teases Its Season Three Soundtrack

Anime soundtracks may not seem important, but they can make or break a series. Even the most tone deaf anime needs a good opening theme to hook fans, and Attack on Titan showed how important the track could be. When the show debuted, its epic opening became viral even outside of the anime fandom, and the man who was responsible for that track is now working on season three.

So, it is time to get your headphones and ears ready. Attack on Titan is going to have some solid music when it returns this year.

Over on Twitter, famed Japanese composer Hiroyuki Sawano shared a post with fans about his work on Attack on Titan. The musician, who just started work on season three, opened up about his meeting with the anime's crew.

"Today was the music [production] meeting for Attack on Titan's season 3 broadcast in July. It was the first time this year to meet with director Araki and director Koezuka, so I wanted would like to give a late thanks," Sawano wrote.

"Just this time last year, I was recording music for season 2. I'm looking forward to the music production this time."

If you are not familiar with Attack on Titan's music, then you need to get acquainted. The anime debuted with one stunning soundtrack that is considered a classic already by many. It was composed by Sawano and features rousing tracks like "Attack on Titan" and "Dead on Arrival."

Of course, Attack on Titan is not the only anime which Sawano has composed for. In the past, the musician has worked on projects like Blue Exorcist, Kill la Kill, The Seven Deadly Sins, Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, and more.


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