Attack on Titan's Fourth Season Debuts New Poster

Attack on Titan is gearing up for season four, and it is hyping up fans for the release with a special treat. Earlier this week, reports surfaced the show would return this December with its fourth and final season. Now, it turns out those reports have been verified, and they were made official with help from a new poster.

Thanks to the team behind Attack on Titan, a new key visual has gone live for Attack on Titan. The new piece is very different from the one fans were given months ago with the season four trailer. That poster features Eren's Titan going on a rampage while Reiner watched in horror as a human.

And now? Well, this new poster is focused on some familiar soldiers. The Survey Scouts have come together in this poster, and they look more fierce than ever. Levi can be seen leading the pack with a blade in hand while Mikasa heads up the front with eight Thunder Spears. Others like Armin, Connie, Sasha, and Jean can be seen flanking the group while Hange hovers behind the rest.

For anime-only watchers, this Attack on Titan poster is an epic one to behold, but it might have them wondering about Eren. After all, you would expect the boy to be in this shot, but manga readers know why his absence is required. After all, the final arc of Attack on Titan has shifted Eren into someone nearly unrecognizable. His new status as a traitor has thrown everything into question with readers, and fans were horrified by his determination to commit mass genocide just to save the people of Paradis.


As you might have guessed, this poster assembles the soldiers who volunteer to chase after Eren, and fans are eager to see how this mission goes. The manga has not yet finished, so there is no final word on whether Eren's murderous plot will work. But with this team working to stop him, fans are hoping Mikasa can knock some sense into her friend and would-be lover.

What do you make of this new key visual? Does it have you hyped for Attack on Titan season four? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.