Attack on Titan Season 4 Shares New Release Date

Attack on Titan has been preparing its fourth season behind the scenes for months now, and it [...]

Attack on Titan has been preparing its fourth season behind the scenes for months now, and it seems the show will let it go live in a matter of months. After a brief back-and-forth with the release date, Attack on Titan has confirmed its final season will debut this December. The news was shared by Funimation and Crunchyroll as the streaming services told fans they will stream season four to overseas fans simultaneously with Japan.

This new report comes shortly after netizens discovered a press release hidden on the official website for Attack on Titan. NHK had a statement hidden that said Attack on Titan season four will debut on Monday, December 7 just after midnight. This means the rest of the world would receive the episode on December 6, but no official word was given.

It didn't take long for the actual announcement to go live once the press release was found. Now, fans can rest easy knowing this awaited series won't be pushed back to a 2021 debut. Fans were very worried that would happen as the clock ticked down to October. After all, a previous announcement regarding the season's debut said Attack on Titan would air this fall. Now, fans know that date has been moved to December, so this new season will keep fans occupied during the holiday season.

(Photo: Wit Studio)

As for why the delay was needed, the answer is not quite clear. It would not be a stretch to consider COVID-19 as a possible cause. The global pandemic did a number on production schedules in Japan as many animators overseas couldn't work due to quarantine measures. While work is at a new normal these days, the fourth season might be making up for lost time from the spring. And when you consider season four is be handled by MAPPA rather than WIT Studios, you can see why some extra time was needed with this Attack on Titan release.

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