Attack on Titan Goes Viral All Thanks to One Politician's Salute

There are all kinds of anime fans around the world, and few series represent that truth like Attack on Titan. The franchise is one of the biggest in anime to date, so its fanbase varies wildly. Young or old, the demographics behind Attack on Titan are wild when you survey it on a global scale. And now, one lawmaker in South America is going viral after honoring the anime at work.

The moment was captured on film as Chilean lawmaker Consuelo Veloso made her first vote in the Chamber of Deputies. The vote was filmed to commemorate Veloso's big achievement, and she even ended her vote with the Attack on Titan salute for good measure.

Of course, fans of Attack on Titan will know this salute by heart. Erwin and Levi made the gesture famous back when the anime debuted. The first season taught fans the importance of dedicating their hearts, and Attack on Titan has carried that salute forward into season four. And so, there was no better way for Veloso to channel her constituents at work than by dedicating her own heart to them.

This moment is not the only one that captures how lively anime is in Chilean politics. Last week, the country's president-elect Gabriel Font went viral as he welcomed a Japanese minister to Chile. It was there video captured the president-elect being given a Pokemon plush to celebrate his win. In the past, other politicians from the country have gone viral for similar reasons such as Pamela Jiles who filmed herself doing the Naruto run to celebrate the passing of a COVID-19 relief bill. 

What do you make of this politician's nod to Attack on Titan? Are you keeping up with the anime's final season these days? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.