Attack on Titan Just Witnessed One of Its Darkest Kills

Attack on Titan isn't the kind of show that hesitates to kill a character. From the day it started, the anime has killed some of its biggest leads, and many of its deaths have been gruesome to put nicely. Season four has ramped up that violence as the show's stakes are higher than ever. And this week, the show graced fans with one of its darkest kills to date.

After all, it is one thing to see Titans culling humans. It is a totally different thing to see humans turn on each other in this dystopian minefield. Attack on Titan gave one of its heroes the dishonor of committing murder, and it is as hard to watch as you'd expect.

In the end, the job falls to Connie as he and Armin try to keep the dock's boat in one piece. The pair manage to convince their former friends Daz and Samuel they are on their side. However, things take a turn when Armin is shot by Samuel, and the two Yeagerist bemoan the way they were betrayed.

Connie is unable to solve the situation peacefully, and when Armin begins to awaken from his injury, things take a turn. Our hero remembers some dark words from Bertholdt about bloodying his hands, and Connie shoots Daz moments later. He goes on to shoot Samuel several times, and Connie can only cry as he coats his hands in blood.

This is far from the first time Connie has seen death, but it is the most personal. The young soldier had to kill two former allies in order to stop Eren, but no amount of reasoning can absolve Connie from his actions. He has a firsthand understanding of why Reiner and Bertholdt turned on their comrades all those years ago. And no matter what happens with Eren, this is one mission Connie cannot come back from. 

What do you think of Attack on Titan's latest death? Did you ever expect to see Connie struggle like this? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.