Attack on Titan Season 4 Finally Launches Episode 85: Watch

Attack on Titan has finally released Episode 85 of the fourth and final season! The final season of the anime is quickly reaching the end of its run in just a matter of weeks with the end of the Winter 2022 anime schedule, and that means each of these episodes is all the more critical. The final endgame for the series has begun its set up as those left in the wake of Eren Yeager's Founding Titan Rumbling are now scrambling as to what to do against such a monstrous threat. But the newest episode sees them taking the first steps towards this final battle.

The previous episode of the series formed an unlikely alliance between members of Eldian, Marleyean, and Yeagerist factions as they all realize that the destruction of the rest of the world is something no one wants. While they are trying to find commonalities in one another and forgive the mistakes of the past in the name of banding together against this new enemy, the newest episode of the series sees them taking some important steps forward in getting their final plan against Eren Yeager's Rumbling off the ground as best as they can. You can now check out Attack on Titan Episode 85 on Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Hulu! 

(Photo: MAPPA)

Attack on Titan Episode 85 is titled "Traitor" and the synopsis for it teases as such, "To save the world, Eren must be stopped. Those who decide to [stop him] are confronted by their former comrades. They fight with the desire to not let anyone else die." It's a synopsis that doesn't give too much away about the episode, but it teases some very crucial information as those who are now taking on Eren have to go up against their former allies who have become full on Yeagerists following the end of the previous episode. It's a "traitorous" turn in that they're now fighting against Eldia's future, but they can't live with the cost of what Eren's future would mean. 

As the final episodes of the anime series roll on, it's starting to make fans question whether or not the series can truly fit it all within the last few weeks. It's sparked conversations about whether the anime will be continuing with either a third part of even a feature film finale, but we'll be seeing that for sure soon enough in the next couple of weeks as the Winter 2022 anime schedule comes to its end in the near future

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