Attack On Titan Overtakes IMDb with Latest Season 4 Episode

The fourth season of Attack On Titan has been the long-awaited final installment of the story of the Survey Corps, and fans are responding insanely enthusiastically to the latest episode from Studio MAPPA, which saw the arrival of some very familiar faces in the continuing war between Marley and Eldia! With the latest episode of the anime giving Eren Jaeger a serious upgrade, as well as showing the current plan of the Survey Corps continue to unfurl against the citizens of Marley, it's no surprise to see this installment rank high among fans of the dark anime franchise!

Many fans were disheartened when they first heard that Wit Studio, the producers of the first three season of the anime, wouldn't be returning to finish off the story of Eren and his friends that lived within the walls. However, Studio MAPPA has definitely turned several heads with their animation style to date, managing to capture the fast-paced action of the previous seasons as well as capture the look of Hajime Isayama's spine-tingling manga. The latest episode of the anime, "Assault", managed to combine the brutal action with some of the character work that has made the franchise so popular among anime fans!

Reddit User YDoulie shared the breakdown that Attack On Titan's latest episode had managed to place itself at the top of the charts when it comes to the top television episodes across all television series, standing toe to toe with the likes of Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, and Mr. Robot to name a few:

AoT now dominates the top rated episodes on IMDB from r/anime

Fans of the manga know that the war between Marley and the Children of Ymir is just getting started, with new roles being dictated to some of your favorite characters that have helped propel the series to new heights. The manga only has a handful of chapters left, set to end this spring and bring to a close the story of the Survey Corps. With the series leaving it up to fans to decide who are the "good guys", Attack On Titan continues to shock fans and has definitely earned its high ratings.

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