Avatar: The Last Airbender Fan Unleashes Aang's Avatar State with New Cosplay

Avatar: The Last Airbender is considered to be one of the best-animated series of all time and with good reason, as the story of Aang and his crew battling against the Fire Nation in a conflict for the ages. While the odds were normally stacked against the Last Airbender and his friends, Aang had a secret ace up his sleeve in the Avatar State, with one cosplayer bringing back the powerful technique that helped the young bender to finally defeat Ozai and bring about a world of peace…for a time. 

The Avatar State is the ace in the hole for the latest incarnation of the reincarnated being, with Aang originally unable to control his own body during this time and effectively losing his mind while accessing the wild strength to harness all four elements at one time. When the series finale for Avatar The Last Airbender took place, Aang was able to access the power of the Avatar State and use it to not only defeat the Fire Lord Ozai, but also use this wild strength to completely erase Ozai's ability to manipulate fire. While the Netflix series hasn't confirmed what role the Avatar State will play, we would definitely be surprised if this didn't make an appearance in the upcoming live-action series.

Instagram Cosplayer Sunflow3r Samurai shared this new take on Aang in his Avatar State, one of the major tools that the Last Airbender had at his disposal but definitely came with a cost for most of the time that it was employed throughout the beloved Nickelodeon franchise:

Netflix's take on the world of bending is currently in production, with a good number of actors already having been confirmed for the series. On the flip side, the projects from Avatar Studios, which will continue telling tales within the original universe of the animated franchise, have yet to reveal details as to what stories they'll be weaving or how far along in production, if at all, they are on any of them. With it most likely being years before these new projects arrive, it will be interesting to see what details we learn in the coming days.

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