Avatar: The Last Airbender Shares New Secret Hiding Behind Zuko's Family

Avatar: The Last Airbender loves nothing more than a good secret. Time and again, the franchise left fans hanging back in the day with secrets about Aang, the Fire Nation, and more. The secrets around Zuko were particularly wild, and it seems his family line is stirring up more drama. After all, a new detail about the boy's line has been revealed, and it changes what we know about Fire Lord Sozin.

The information comes courtesy of Avatar Legends, an official tabletop RPG done by Magppie Studios and Avatar Studios. The game went live a few days ago, giving fans the chance to play through it quite thoroughly by now. It was there fans were greeted by a new figure from the past, and they happen to be the sister of Fire Lord Sozin.

The character is named Princess Zeisan, and it turns out she has nothing in common with her older brother. Fire Lord Sozin was a conniving royal who only had the Fire Nation in his heart. As for Zeisan, the girl was born without the ability to fire bend, and she was at odds with her family most of the time. She would eventually desert the Fire Nation to join up with the Air Nomads and dedicated her life to a philosophy known as Guiding Wind.

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According to our current information, Zeisan was able to learn a great few skills from the Air Nomads including chi blocking. While we are not sure what happened to the princess, Zeisan was a thorn in her brother's side, and Fire Lord Sozin was irate when her engagement to an Air Nomad was made public. Clearly, there is a lot of bad blood going back in Zuko's family line. But for now, Avatar fans are happy to know there were more royals than just Zuko who questioned the Fire Nation's extreme nationalism.

What do you think about this latest Avatar secret? Are you surprised by Zeisan's grudge against the Fire Nation throne? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

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