Jeopardy Features Avatar The Last Airbender Question

When Jeopardy lost Alex Trebeck, the game show loved by millions has begun trying out new hosts to [...]

When Jeopardy lost Alex Trebeck, the game show loved by millions has begun trying out new hosts to fill the big shoes left by the iconic host, though a recent episode has ventured into the world of bending with a question that dove into the animated franchise of Avatar The Last Airbender. Earlier this year, when it was revealed that Paramount Studios would be returning to the world of Aang and Korra via a brand new studio, fans were ecstatic to hear that Nickelodeon's action-packed world was making a comeback.

The question from Jeopardy was shared by Michael Dante DiMartino, one of the co-creators of Avatar The Last Airbender who will play a major role in the upcoming animated movies/series that will be birthed to continue the world of bending. Given the role of Co-Chief Creative Officer at Avatar Studios, many Aang and Korra fans were realized that one of the originators of the franchise would return to the series. Unfortunately, this came about thanks in part to a number of creative differences that caused DiMartino, and the other creator Bryan Konietzko, to leave Netflix's upcoming live-action adaptation of Avatar The Last Airbender.

DiMartino shared the question that was seen on a recent episode of Jeopardy, asking the participants of the game show what Korra was attempting to become a master of in her journey as the Avatar who would take the reins of the big title following the death of Aang:

While the finale for The Legend of Korra was the last time we saw the world of bending brought to animation, there has been plenty of graphic novels, and novels, that have continued the world of Avatar with flashbacks to years gone by as well as sequel stories that dive into events taking place following the respective series finales. While the stories of the upcoming projects of Avatar Studios have yet to be revealed, fans are simply thrilled that the Nickelodeon universe will be making a comeback via Paramount.

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