When Can You Watch Avatar The Last Airbender On Netflix?

Fans of Aang and the other benders of the popular Nickelodeon series were stunned to see that the blockbuster hit was making its way to the streaming service of Netflix! With the first three seasons of the series on the way, we're here to give you a breakdown of what exact time you can watch, or re-watch, the animated series that has become thought of as one of the greatest series of all time according to fans! This year saw the celebration of the show's fifteenth anniversary, with this release definitely one of the biggest pieces of news to come out as a result!

Avatar The Last Airbender is looking to make waves on Netflix, with the streaming service having already announced their plans to create a live action series that retells the story of Aang the Avatar and his friends as they travel to defeat the Fire Nation! While a release date has yet to be confirmed for the live action adaptation of the series, Netflix has been leaking more and more details, with the original creative minds behind the initial animated series having a big hand in bringing this beloved story back to life!

The Nickelodeon series will be available for all Netflix subscribers beginning on Friday, May 15th, with all three seasons being bingable starting at 3AM Eastern Time in North America, and 12AM Pacific Time. There were sixty one episodes total for the award winning, critically acclaimed series so you will definitely have a lot of content to either experience again or watch for the first time when Avatar The Last Airbender hits Netflix starting tomorrow!

The streaming service isn't just streaming the animated series, with plans for a live action adaptation, but is also streaming the first Avatar The Last Airbender live action feature length film from director M. Night Shyamalan. The film itself is controversial for a number of changes that it made from the original source material such as name pronunciations, to say nothing of the quality of the film itself. While this might not be considered one of the most important things to watch when it comes to the animated series, it is still ready for you to watch if you're looking for even more Avatar content....at your own risk.

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