AXE Teams Up With Lil Baby on New Manga

AXE is celebrating the release of a new Fine Fragrance Collection at Walmart by teaming up with award-winning artist Lil Baby for a special new manga project! Anime and manga have increased in their popularity and reach throughout international territories over the last few years especially, and fans have seen how many notable artists in the entertainment industry have shared their love of the respective mediums as well. It's led to all sorts of fun projects as a result, and that includes a new manga with Lil Baby taking on "Culture Vultures" with the help of AXE fragrances as power ups. 

AXE has announced that on July 11 they will be launching a special collaboration manga together with Lil Baby. Titled Shonen Baby, fans will be able to check out this new manga with the purchase of an AXE product from the Fine Fragrance Collection at Walmart. The manga itself will be available via download during an exclusive invite-only virtual launch event coming this Summer. You can check out a teaser for Shonen Baby in the video above.

(Photo: AXE)

What is Lil Baby's New Manga

Produced by Passion Pictures with artist Future Power Station and Lil Baby in tow, Shonen Baby is teased as a manga that taps into the aspects of Shonen action manga releases. Shonen Baby sees Lil Baby and AXE "embark on a unique journey to save Atlanta from the evil Culture Vultures out to drain the city of its 'juice,' while unlocking their inner G.O.A.T. (Greatest of All Time)." Lil Baby will be tapping into special powers for the manga as well. 

AXE teased the action of Shonen Baby as such, "To accomplish this, Lil Baby harnesses the fresh scents of the newly launched Fine Fragrance Collection to 'power-up' and bring the city back to life. It's not long before all of Atlanta wants to try the new AXE Fine Fragrance Collection and receive their own refreshing, personal power-up." "I'm a huge anime fan because that genre tells powerful stories with a lot of energy and action," said Lil Baby of the new manga team up. "I was all in on the chance to co-produce an AXE manga. I got to flex my creative skills and share another part of my story. I hope people enjoy this other medium from me."

Shonen Baby will launch as part of a special virtual live-event with fans who purchase an AXE product from the Fine Fragrance Collection at Walmart and from March 1 to June 15, and upload a photo of their receipt to before June 26th.