Beastars May Be Ending in a Matter of Weeks

Beastars has created quite the following once the first season of the anime landed on the streaming service of Netflix, taking viewers into this strange world of anthropomorphic high schoolers that are attempting to decipher a mystery when their fellow students are being picked off by a mysterious killer but it seems as if the franchise's manga might be coming to a close! The manga began in 2016, currently running at twenty one volumes as the story has far exceeded the finale of the first season that gave fans quite the cliffhanger when all was said and done.

With the anime being produced by Studio Orange, fans in North America were able to experience this world of predators and prey for the first time via Netflix. Introducing us to to the world via our protagonist in Legosi, a timid wolf who finds himself falling in love with one of his fellow classmates who happens to be a rabbit, the story of Beastars is a surprisingly dark one. Following in step with a story like Disney's Zootopia, which followed an environment of predators and prey, a dark world was established in this anime franchise as the "battle lines" were drawn between citizens in some mature situations.

Twitter User Manga Mogura shared the potential ending date for the popular Beastars manga, noting that the franchise will take its bow next month should there not be a break in terms of the chapters released via the Weekly Shonen publication:

Beastars was created by Paru Itagaki, the daughter of mangaka Keisuke Itagaki who is responsible for another big Netflix anime in the franchise of Baki. Though the two anime franchises could not be more different, it's clear that Paru was able to learn a lot from her father in creating an engrossing story for an anime with Beastars. While an official release date for the second season of the anime has yet to be revealed, Netflix has confirmed that it will be hitting the streaming service in early 2021!

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