Netflix Promos Beastars' Best Dub Moment in New Clip

Beastars has become a cult classic among anime fans that have experienced the anthropomorphic world of "predators and prey" having released onto Netflix earlier this year, and the streaming service has just released a clip that spotlights the varying dubs of one particular scene from the series. The anime itself follows the "wolf with anxiety" named Legosi and his pursuit of the "horny rabbit" named Haru as they attend their high school while simultaneously being dragged into both a murder mystery and a black market that captures "prey" off the street and feeds them to predators in secret!

The relationship between Legosi and Haru was definitely one of the most interesting parts of the anime's first season, and with a second season already confirmed, we're sure to see that bond further develop following the wolf managing to save his rabbit crush from a gaggle of lions looking for a quick bite. In this world, predators eating prey is frowned upon and most assuredly against the law, opening up a path for a "black market" to swing open its doors and sell blood, meat, and various other things that predators would otherwise never have access to. With Legosi struggling against his predatory nature as he courts Haru, it makes for an interesting parallel in the anime series that has become a hit on Netflix!

Netflix shared this hilarious clip that sees Legosi struggling with how to talk to his crush Haru, with the streaming service giving us a look into the different dubs from countries such as the United States, Japan, France, Germany, Mexcio, and many others that prove the voice actors give it their all regardless of their geography:

The release date for season two of Beastars has yet to be revealed, though the anime will return in 2021, and with the identity of the killer on campus still being a mystery following the first season's finale, there are sure to be more than a few fans returning to see where the series goes from here on Netflix.

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