Beastars To Return In 2021 For Season 2

Beastars is one of the biggest anime to land on Netflix this year, and while a second season has [...]

Beastars is one of the biggest anime to land on Netflix this year, and while a second season has already been confirmed, it seems that the arrival date won't be hitting this year. The anime series that focuses on anthropomorphic high schoolers in a dark "predator and prey" scenario has been confirmed to have its characters return next year, in 2021. While the first season did have a satisfying conclusion, a stinger at the end of the first volley of episodes definitely hints at some major events to come in season 2 when it hits Netflix next year!

The bizarre anime follows the story of Legosi, an insanely tall, quiet grey wolf that finds himself attracted to a rabbit named Haru. When the two first meet within their school's rooftop garden, Haru instantly throws herself at the wolf, though Legosi is beside himself and flees the scene. As his feelings develop, we are thrown into a mystery wherein herbivoer students are being killed and eaten by a mysterious assailant, and an underground black market is kidnapped citizens in order to sell their bodies for meat. Needless to say, this is a much darker tale than that of Disney's Zootopia, which had a similar story to this series.

AnimeTV Japan confirmed the story via their Official Twitter Account, hinting at more stories to come from the likes of Legosi, Haru, Rouis, and the rest of the school that is currently struggling with a mysterious assailant that is routinely taking their victims in the night:

As we stated earlier, Beastars is surprisingly dark, dealing with some heavy themes and subject matter, not afraid to revel in gore and some extremely adult scenarios along the way. With each installment, the anime amps up the amount of death and sex, so keep this in mind if you haven't jumped into the series as of yet and are wondering if it's a "family friendly" endeavor. We personally loved the series and can't wait for it to make its comeback next year and finally discover just who is the assailant who has been killing herbivores on a regular basis!

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