Beastars and New Production IG Anime Announces Netflix Release Dates

With Crunchyroll and Funimation trying to plant their flags into the medium of anime, offering [...]

With Crunchyroll and Funimation trying to plant their flags into the medium of anime, offering fans hundreds of series and movies to watch, Netflix is trying to stake its claim to a section of the anime world with a barrage of original series as well as bringing exclusive series to its platform. In March 2020, Netflix will be dropping not just the long awaited series that is Beastars, but a new collaboration between the streaming service and the critically acclaimed animation studio that is Production IG with Sol Levante! Now, Netflix has released the premiere dates for both!

Beastars will be released on March 13th, having already completed its first season in Japan with a second season already in the works. The series follows a number of anthropomorphic characters that live in a world of "predators and prey", following a structure somewhat similar to that of Disney's Zootopia, albeit with a far darker twist. The series has certainly gained some steam with its first season, with the manga coming close to its conclusion!

Netflix released the news about Beastars and Sol Levante on their Official Twitter Account, with the former being slated to be released on March 13th and the latter set to be released on March 23rd respectively, giving anime fans more to add to their Netflix catalogue next month:

Sol Levante is still something of a mystery, with not many details being released about the collaboration anime regarding its story. The official description for the upcoming anime produced by Netflix and Production IG reads as such:

"An experimental project between Netflix and Production I.G, one of the leading anime production companies in Japan, to produce the world's first 4K HDR native hand-drawn anime short."

Needless to say, if you're looking for anime, Netflix is definitely a place that you can visit to stream some heavy hitters when it comes to television shows and movies.

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