Berserk Meets Dark Souls With Hilariously Dark Meme

If you're a fan of the popular video game franchise Dark Souls, you know that Berserk was a big influence on the installments from From Software. With the aesthetic and various Easter Eggs clearly coming from the universe of Gutts and Griffith, fans have spent some time cultivating the hidden meanings of characters and environments within the enigmatic game series. Now, one fan has created a dark meme that takes the leader of the Band of the Hawk and places Griffith into a hilarious scenario that recalls one of the most sadistic moments in the history of Berserk!

Dark Souls was released in 2011, becoming so popular that it not only warranted several sequels, but also inspired what is essentially a genre of video games that focuses on putting its players through some of the toughest battles in the history of the medium. With other games like Sekiro and Bloodborne following suit in the road paved by Dark Souls, its clear that the franchise has a lot to thank from Kentaro Miura's popular anime franchise of Berserk.

Reddit User Beast1158 created a character in Dark Souls that pulled from one of the darkest moments of Berserk wherein Griffith saw his dreams crumble and was tortured for some time in the bowels of the dungeon of the kingdom that he had once sworn to protect:

Griffith in Dark Souls from r/Berserk

Toward the end of the Golden Age Arc, Griffith was held captive and tortured for spending a wild night with the princess, having been defeated by Guts in a one on one duel. With his dreams now dead and his body tortured to the point where it was crippled, the Band of the Hawk attempted to rescue him. Finding that their leader was no longer the man he once was, this led the way to the universe bursting forth with demons following the arrival of the Godhand.

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Berserk was originally created by Kentaro Miura for Monthly Animal House magazine (now Young Animal) in 1989. The series follows Guts, an immensely strong warrior who is known for his massive sword. Guts lives his days fighting in a demon-infested medieval world where corrupt nobles rule. The hero is plagued by demon assailants thanks to a curse he had branded on him, and Guts continues to fight in order to keep a vow. The man promised to slay a former friend of his who became a demon and ripped away Guts' former life.