Berserk Art Imagines Series Finale

Fans of Kentaro Miura's dark franchise, Berserk, have been waiting for decades to see how the story of Guts, Griffith, Casca, and the Band of the Hawk will come to a close, and one fan artist has decided to take matters into their own hands with some breath-taking art that sets the stage between the Black Swordsman and the Hawk of Light. Though there is still no hint as to when the story of Guts and company will come to a close, there have been plenty of hints that the long-running franchise might just be in its Endgame.

Recently, the manga for Berserk has seen some big changes, with Guts and his crew finally making their way to the land of Elfhelm, a place that is rife with magic, supernatural creatures, and fairies. With Casca finally being given back her mind, having been understandably traumatized due to the chilling events of the Eclipse, things definitely seem to be going in favor of the black swordsman in his bid to get revenge against Griffith for the deaths of the Band of the Hawk. As the latest chapter dives further into the origins of the Berserker Armor and Skull Knight, it's clear that Miura is interested in exploring the history of the lore that brought Guts and his friends to this spot.

A Reddit User shared this impressive art by artist Annie Chromes that imagines what the final fight between Guts and Griffith might look like, with the black swordsman having quite the ax to grind against the current leader of the Band of the Hawk who is uniting both the humans and demons of the world under one flag:

"At the end" art by @anniechromes on Twitter. from r/Berserk

The future of Berserk in anime is still up in the air, with the latest seasons produced by Studio GEMBA being the last time we were about to see Guts swinging the massive Dragon Slayer that has cut its way through countless demons. With the franchise having started in the 1980s, the story of the black swordsman has spanned decades and fans have certainly waited for quite some time to see how the tale of the Band of the Hawk will come to a close.


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