Late Director Satoshi Kon Made a Berserk AMV Once

Recently, we had the opportunity to dive into the work of anime director Satoshi Kon as fans of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure celebrated his work on that franchise's OVA which was released in the 1990's, and it seems we are once again highlighting his past efforts as one fan of the anime Berserk notes that the creator designed a music video for the world of the Band of the Hawk! Though Berserk fans are still waiting to see how the story of Guts, Griffith, and Casca will come to a close, followers of the series enjoy some walks through the franchise's past.

Satoshi Kon had a long history in the world of both anime and manga, having started his career by working as an assistant artist for series such as Akira and Toriko, and then subsequently directing anime such as the aforementioned JoJo's Bizarre Adventure anime, alongisde major feature length films such as Memories, Perfect Blue, Tokyo Godfathers, and Paprika to name a few. Satoshi also lent his skills to anime series such as Paranoia Agent and Master Keaton, showing off his amazing talents when it came to bringing unique and well animated worlds to life. With this Berserk anime music video, Kon once again showed off his prowess when it came to directing anime scenes using the theme song of the series in "Forces".

Berserk Anime Music Video
(Photo: OLM Inc)

Twitter Outlet Catsuka had shared the Berserk Music Video which saw Satoshi Kon stretch his creative legs when it came to mashing up some of the amazing battle scenes from the series with the banging hit of the anime series in the form of "Forces"!

There has yet to be any announcement when it comes to Berserk re-emerging in the medium of anime, with many fans receiving the previous entry released in 2016 to a serious mixed reception. The creative minds behind the Netflix original animated series of Castlevania however have gone on record that they would love to have the opportunity to animate the blood filled world of the Band of the Hawk, though no concrete plans have been formed. As the manga marches to its finale, having run for decades under the pen of Kentaro Miura, we are crossing our fingers that we will eventually see the final battle between Guts and Griffith!


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