Berserk Artist Shares Update on Next Chapter

An artist working on Berserk has shared the current status for the manga's next chapter.

Berserk lost a giant when creator Kentaro Miura passed, with many fans believing that the story of Guts, Griffith, Casca, and the Band of the Hawk would never be completed. Luckily, Miura had dear friends who were aiming to bring the long-running manga series to a close, using notes from the mangaka to craft the final chapters of the bloody story. While this summer saw something of a hiatus when it comes to new chapters of Berserk, one of the artists at Studio Gaga shared an update on the next installment.

When last we left Guts and his band of adventurers, they had witnessed the destruction of the magical land known as Elfhelm. Finally descending upon the locale, Griffith and his forces were able to steal away some major allies of Guts and Casca, while also stealing Casca from Guts shortly after she had regained her sanity. As the Black Swordsman now struggles with his future and whether his sword will be up to the task of saving Casca, even more trouble is barreling his way. 

(Photo: 4C Studio)

Berserk Status Update

Doratan, an artist at Studio Gaga who was one of the lead assistants to Kentaro Miura, has continued working on Berserk following the passing of the beloved artist. By the way, we have received many requests that the latest chapter of Berserk, 374, is not ready yet, but they are already completed. I'm sorry, but it's up to the editorial department to decide what to post, so please wait a little longer."

Doratan also hinted at an upcoming Berserk announcement, stating that more news was on the way when it came to the manga that has been considered one of the best of all time, "So, along with the release of Volume 42 of Berserk, we have an official announcement. I think it will be around next week."

While the manga is marching into the future, Berserk's anime status has nothing on the horizon. Following the Memorial Edition, which compiled the three feature-length films into a television series, there hasn't been word on whether Guts will return to the small screen any time soon. Hopefully, the Band of the Hawk will receive a new anime at some point in the future as there are plenty of storylines that have yet to be animated.

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