Berserk Reveals "A New Beginning" Announcement

Fans of Berserk have been wondering for weeks now what the "New Beginning" announcement would be, as the dark anime franchise had been touting a big reveal for the information dump and while said revelation isn't in fact a new anime series, it might have fans of the Band of the Hawk excited. Beginning in January of next year, Berserk will be getting its on museum exhibition in Tokyo at Ikebukuro Sunshine City and a crowd funding campaign is set to launch today to build a giant statue of Nosferatu Zodd!

Berserk's previous anime installment ended in 2017, with the series produced by Studio GEMBA and leaving many fans lukewarm as the series relied on computer generated animation that many thought didn't live up to the original art work of the manga created by Kentaro Miura. Though the creative minds behind Netflix's Castlevania series have expressed a desire to one day dive into the series themselves, nothing concrete has arisen when it comes to the brutal anime series. With a new chapter set to be released later this month which will continue what might be the end game for Guts and company, we're still crossing our fingers that a new series will launch at some point!

Twitter User DemiFiendRSA posted images from promotional material for the upcoming exhibit that will begin early next year, giving fans the opportunity to experience Berserk in a brand new way, alongside a potential life sized statue of the terrifying antagonist known as Nosferatu Zodd:

Many anime series and studios have had museum exhibitions that show off art work and various pieces of media that helped make the anime properties a success, with the likes of Studio Ghibli and Neon Genesis Evangelion getting exhibits of their own. This might not be the announcement that many were hoping for, but we'd definitely love to visit a museum exhibit tailored for Kentaro Miura's masterpiece!


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