Berserk Manga to Make a Comeback This October

Berserk will be releasing some big news shortly that is dubbed 'A New Beginning' that has fans of [...]

Berserk will be releasing some big news shortly that is dubbed "A New Beginning" that has fans of the Band of the Hawk wondering what the bloody franchise has in store and it seems as if fans won't have to wait long for the next chapter of Guts and Griffith with a release date set for later this month. With some big revelations having taken place in the adventures of Kentarou Miura's dark fantasy story these past few chapters, there are sure to be more revelations when dropping with the upcoming installment of the manga!

In the previous chapter of Berserk, Guts was in the process of learning more about the Berserker Armor that he currently wears to give himself a leg up when it comes to fighting against demons, but also has the side effect of tearing apart his body as a result. With Skull Knight walking him through the suit's origins, the mysterious horseman also revealed to Guts that the "beginning of the end" of Guts' story is about to begin, leading many to believe that the dark anime franchise that has been running since the late 1980s might finally be setting the stage for the final battle between the Black Swordsman and the man who betrayed the Band of the Hawk in Griffith.

Twitter User Manga Mogura shared the update from the publication of Young Animal that the story of Berserk will be continuing in its magazine on October 23rd, marching toward the long awaited ending of the anime franchise that remains one of the darkest, bloodiest tales in the world of anime today:

While there has been no news about Berserk returning with a television series, fans of Guts, Griffith, and Casca are awaiting any information about the franchise coming back in this fashion. The creative minds behind Netflix's popular animated series, Castlevania, have gone on record numerous times that they'd love to dive into the world of the Band of the Hawk, and following these statements, we've been crossing our fingers that a new animated series will eventually come our way that once again dives into this dark fantasy.

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