Berserk Enters The Ring As UFC Fighter's Entrance Theme

The Berserk franchise is easily one of the darkest series currently running in the medium of anime [...]

The Berserk franchise is easily one of the darkest series currently running in the medium of anime and manga today, and while the protagonist Guts fights his way through wave after wave of demons, it seems that one fighter in the UFC roster has entered the ring to the tune of one of Berserk's most famous theme songs. Susumo Hirasawa, who wrote the theme song entitled "Hai Yo" for the latest seasons of the Berserk anime, truly created a tune that captured the spirit of the hard hitting, bloody series that has yet to return for a third season.

Takashi Sato has an impressive career as an "Ultimate Fighting Champion", scoring a record of thirteen wins and three losses during his time within the octagon and it's clear that the Japanese fighter has an affinity for the Berserk series as he entered into the ring with one of the latest theme songs of the anime. While the two latest seasons of Berserk were received to some definite mixed reviews when all was said and done, thanks in part to what many believe to be some low quality computer animation, the franchise remains a fan favorite thanks to its amazing art work and intense character work for Guts, Griffith, Casca, and the rest of the Band of the Hawk.

Reddit User DragonWarriorMH shared this quick clip of Takashi Sato entering the ring with the Berserk theme song of "Hai Yo" accompanying him, showing his love of the franchise that has put the protagonist through the ringer more times than we can count as Guts seeks revenge against his former friend Griffith:

UFC Fighter "Takashi Sato" uses BERSERK Hai Yo as a walk out music to the octegon from r/Berserk

There is perhaps no better "amp up" music than that which is found in Berserk, which perfectly captures this dark fairy tail that sees demons leaking into a medieval world. This is hardly the first time that anime has found its way into the octagon, with many UFC fighters either arriving to the ring with anime music from series such as Naruto, One-Punch Man, and Death Note, or wearing attire from certain series.

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