'Black Clover' Showing Asta's Fanboy Side Is So Relatable

Black Clover has just started its next big arc, and its characters are just as excited to get [...]

Black Clover has just started its next big arc, and its characters are just as excited to get started on their new adventure as the fans are. This is especially true of Asta, who's excitable nature has become more endearing as he relates to fans in a huge way.

In the latest episode of the series, Asta freaks out over being noticed much like any fan would react if someone famous knew of their work.

When a dungeon appears on the border of the Clover and Diamond kingdoms, Asta finds out he was specifically chosen for the mission by the Wizard King. He freaks out and asks why, and his shocked demeanor mirrors many anxieties fans face every day.

His "why" is pretty adorable and cements Asta as someone more cute than not. Fans who have stuck around after the first episode's admittedly rough first impression have been met with a great series overall and it's setting into an even great arc, "Dungeon Exploration."

The "Dungeon Exploration" is the second official arc of the Black Clover manga and centers on a mystery dungeon that appears on the borders of the Clover and Diamond Kingdoms. Dungeons are highly sought after by the Magic Knights since when they do pop up they offer countless treasures and magical items, but are also incredibly dangerous. So it becomes the duty of the Magic Knights to journey into the mysterious dungeon in order to claim the magical artifacts before they land into the wrong hands.

The villain of this arc, Mars, is actually the result of an experiment that embedded many magical stones into his body. His look in the anime series was actually teased a bit back by an update to the series' arcade game.

If you are unfamiliar with Black Clover, the series debuted in Shonen Jump back in 2015 from creator Yuki Tabata. The since popular series follows two young boys named Asta and Yuno who are growing up in a world where magic is everything. Asta, unfortunately, seems to have been born without magical powers while Yuno is a young prodigy whose magical powers rival that of the strongest magic users in the Clover Kingdom, the Magic Knights. The story then follows the two young boys as they strive to become the strongest wizard in the Clover Kingdom, The Wizard King.

Studio Pierrot's Black Clover adaptation premiered in Japan on October 3 and is currently slated for a hefty 51 episodes. You can currently find the Japanese language version with English subtitles on Crunchyroll, and the English language dub on FunimationNow and Saturday evenings on Adult Swim's Toonami block.