Black Clover Shines with Adorable Asta x Noelle Scene

Black Clover's anime has finally returned after its lengthy COVID-19 pandemic hiatus, and it's big comeback episode had some adorable new moments for fans of Asta and Noelle. Their dynamic has been one of the major hooks of the series ever since Noelle started to have feelings for Asta after their first mission together. The following arcs since had seen Noelle continue to deny these feelings and this leads to several awkward moments and misunderstandings because Asta is not one to read her feelings with any depth. His continued good natured self also throws off Noelle's facade on a near constant basis.

This means there are several adorable moments between the two of them as Noelle tries to deal with Asta's kindness (the same kindness he would show anyone else in his squad), and the newest episode is no exception. As Asta and Noelle continue to train with the Crimson Lions in the active volcano, Episode 133 has Asta carry Noelle like a princess.

As the two of them try to outrun many of the traps in the volcano as part of their new training, Asta suggests that Noelle get on his back and cover them so he can focus on running them out of there. Noelle denies this, of course, but soon Asta gives up trying on this and decides to just pick her up and carry her through.

This isn't the only close moment the two of them share as later in the episode Asta remarks on how smooth and clean Noelle's skin had become after they bathed in the volcanic hot springs! As this current anime original training arc continues, these smaller moments have been appreciated by fans as these are moments that Yuki Tabata's original manga often doesn't slow down enough for. It's not a romance focused series in the least (and Asta's not really interested in it), so it makes sense, but luckily the anime is making time for this fan favorite duo!

What did you think of Black Clover's big comeback episode after its COVID-19 hiatus? Did you enjoy these new smaller moments between Asta and Noelle? What do you think their relationship will be when the series comes to an end? Let us know your thoughts in the comments, or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

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