Black Clover Hypes Anime Comeback with Episode 133 Stills

Black Clover has been off the air for a while now, but the show promised to make the wait worth it. Today, the show made a comeback at last with episode 133, and fans are understandably hyped to check out the episode. That is why a set of official stills from "The Lion Awakens, Continued" has gone live, and they bring back our favorite magic boy.

As you can see below, the preview stills for episode 133 have lots to look at. The images showcase Asta as you would expect, and he is joined by several other Black Bull members such as Noelle. The gang manages to look sleek even in the midst of battle, so fans have a special fight to look forward to with this new episode.

You can check out episode 133 on Crunchyroll now if you are a premium member, so there is no need to wait for Black Clover any longer! This new episode marks the first to hit television since episode 132 went live in late April. The delay was caused by the COVID-19 pandemic as every part of the production was brought to a halt. From voice acting to animation and beyond, no one was able to work on Black Clover during earlier this year, and that is what forced the anime to shut down for a few months.

Now, Black Clover is back, and it promises to explore a certain dungeon discovered in episode 132. Most of the Bulls are still hiding in the Lions secret location as Asta and the gang come up against a giant spider. If they want to check out a newly discovered dungeon in the base, the heroes will need to get rid of the mutant spider before them and push away any distractions waiting from them in the cave.

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