Black Clover Director Shares Adorable Asta x Noelle Artwork

Black Clover might be in the middle of a hiatus due to the impact of the novel COVID-19 pandemic, but the director for the series is sharing great new things for fans with an adorable look at Asta and Noelle! Director behind the anime series, Tatsuya Yoshihara, took to Twitter recently to share an adorable new look at the fan favorite duo in a way that fans probably would have never expected to see. Not only does it provide a great way for the two of them to be closer, but it imagines a universe in which they got to know each other as children.

Although Black Clover's official canon has given us a look at both Asta and Noelle's youth, the two of them never met until they were fellow members of the Black Bulls. But in this art from Yoshihara, it's imagined a world in which the two of them were able to meet as kids and potentially grow up together. Check out the cute new artwork:

Asta and Noelle's potential romantic pairing has been one of the common story threads throughout the series thus far. Asta remains oblivious because he doesn't really think of anyone in that way outside of Sister Lily, and Noelle refuses to accept to herself the fact that she has any feelings for Asta at all. This back and forth is what fans love about the duo, but this kind of meeting would have been great to see to.

Yuki Tabata's series moves at such a quick pace that there rarely is any real time to dive into character pasts or relationships, but when the anime does return it will be taking a breather before its next intense action filled arc. Focusing on a period of training before the fights against the Spade Kingdom officially begins, hopefully the anime will also give us these smaller character beats too amid all of the chaos.

How do you feel about the Asta and Noelle pairing in Black Clover? Would they make for a good romantic duo, or is there another character better suited for either Asta or Noelle? What do you hope to see when the anime finally returns from its hiatus? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!