Black Clover Cliffhanger Reveals Yuno's New Anti-Zenon Attack

Black Clover revealed Yuno's newly developed attack to use against Zenon Zogratis with the cliffhanger from the newest chapter of Yuki Tabata's original manga series! With the first two members of the Spade Kingdom now defeated, it's finally time to rejoin Yuno in the fight against Zenon. The last time we had seen the fighter in action was several months ago, and unfortunately the newest looks into the fight have not looked great for Yuno and Langris as they are the only ones who have been fighting against the spatial mage and his devil powers

The newest chapter of the series provides our fullest look at Yuno's fight with Zenon thus far, and with it we're finally going to see what Yuno has been training towards this entire time. It was teased during the brief two days before the raid on the Spade Kingdom that Yuno had beend eveloping a new attack specifically to use against Zenon, and while he was sure that it would be enough, it seems we'll be getting the true test of that soon. Chapter 305 reveals this new attack to be Wind Spirit Creation Magic: Spirit of Euros, a bow and arrow combo: 

Although Yuno has been highly active in his new Spirit of Boreas form, it's unfortunately quickly revealed to be not enough as Zenon remains unharmed while Yuno and Langris are struggling. The two of them are going for their final gambit as Yuno asks Langris to buy him some time in order to build up the energy for his new spell, Langris is able to do so just barely and the final moments of the chapter reveal that Yuno's attack was actually this new bow and arrow. Meaning that he's weapons arsenal now includes a sword, axe and this bow. 

While Zenon remained his confident self as he was beating down Langris, the end of the chapter breaks his poker face for a bit as this bow and arrow is enough to make him nervous. We've seen from Noelle's fight with Megicula that the Spirit Dive form's Saint Stage power is also enough to harm the devils, so this could be Yuno's best chance at dealing some major damage. It likely won't be the finishing move, however, as we have seen as well that these Dark Triad members have not gone down that easily. 


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