Black Clover Introduces Divine New Power Level

Black Clover introduced a divine new power level with the newest chapter of the series! While the [...]

Black Clover introduced a divine new power level with the newest chapter of the series! While the fights in Yuki Tabata's original manga series have been intense from the very beginning, the Spade Kingdom arc shifted things in a new direction with the introduction of a proper power level system. Separating the various mages into stages of power, it was revealed that all magic users rank on this ladder with some even breaking through into the mysterious "Arcane Stage" that was beyond the measure of these other power levels. Now the newest chapter has added another stage to the top.

The newest chapter of the series picks up from the previous cliffhanger that saw Noelle Silva directly challenge Vanica of the Dark Triad to a major rematch. But a brief flashback showing just how Noelle grew stronger during the two day training period also introduced a divine new level to the magic stages. It's revealed that the mages who make contracts with the elemental spirits can achieve something much stronger known as the "Saint Stage."

Black Clover Saint Stage New Power Level Divine Spoilers
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Chapter 295 of the series revealed that before Noelle could learn the secrets of Ultimate Magic like the others training with the Elves in the Heart Kingdom, she had to acquire a different kind of power. The Water Spirit Undine had attached herself to Noelle following Lolopechka's capture, and has been rebuilding her power in Noelle's grimmoire. When discussing tactics to take on Vanica, they reveal that Arcane Stage mages aren't the only ones strong enough who can defeat the Dark Triad.

She explains that the Saint Stage is a stage that only Spirit Hosts can obtain. It's a power that "purifies malice and destroys devils," and while we have yet to see whether or not Noelle has risen to this new power level as of the newest chapter, Noelle officially reached her strongest form yet that gave her an angelic new version of her Valkyrie Armor towards the end of it. Now we'll soon see whether or not her Saint Stage and Ultimate Magic training really pulls off a much needed victory against Vanica.

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