Black Clover Debuts Stunning New Noelle Form

Black Clover's been giving each of the Black Bulls a major strength boost in the fight against the Spade Kingdom Devils, and the latest chapter debuted a stunning new form for Noelle Silva. The war with the Spade Kingdom is now underway in the latest arc of the series, and the few battles seen thus far have shown how members of the Clover Kingdom have grown stronger during the six month training period skipped over by the manga. This has resulted in all kinds of new attacks, and with Noelle, it resulted in a new version of her Valkyrie Armor.

Valkyrie Armor is already the strongest spell in Noelle's arsenal as it boosts her speed and strength, and now she seems to have an even stronger and faster version of this armor with the latest chapter of the series. As Vanica of the Spade Kingdom makes her move on Lolopechka, Noelle, and Mimosa, they reveal a tag team that results in Noelle's "Mermaid Form."

Lolopechka reveals that they have been training the past six months to specifically counter Vanica and her possessed demon Megicula, and this results a new spell -- Water Spirit Magic: Ludic Santuary. Trapping Vanica while also boosting Noelle's power, Noelle then speeds through this water prison with her Valkyrie Armor - Mermaid Form.

Noelle's growth throughout the series has been gradual, but each new form or power up has been fairly significant. There's a good chance that she will continue to grow even stronger with each new chapter of the series, and the battle against Vanica will be one that will definitely put that to the ultimate test. Even with Noelle's powerful new form, Vanica just brushes off the attack with ease thanks to the power of her Devil.


Her Devil is also specifically the one that both put the curse on Lolopechka and cursed Noelle's mother, so this battle will most certainly be a huge focal point for the rest of the arc going forward. But what do you think? What do you think of Noelle's newest form? How does Mermaid form compare to the original Valkyrie Armor? What else do you think Noelle has up her sleeve? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!