Black Clover Reveals Charmy's Powerful New Spell

Black Clover's current arc has shown just how Asta and the other Black Bulls have grown during [...]

Black Clover's current arc has shown just how Asta and the other Black Bulls have grown during their training, and the latest chapter has given Charmy a major update with a powerful new spell. After the surprising time skip jumping six months into the future and speeding into the conflict with the Devils of the Spade Kingdom, and Asta and the other Black Bulls have been showing the fruits of their training over the last few chapters. Now the latest chapter has shown how much Charmy has surprisingly grown through her array training.

The series previously clued us all in to how the Black Bulls would be training in the Heart Kingdom during the time skip, and it involved learning how to craft runes out of the natural mana of the region. These rune arrays are boosting their own magic, and Chapter 250 of the series revealed that these arrays have boosted Charmy's already strong Food Magic as well.

As she fought against Halbet of the Spade Kingdom, who has been boosted by the powers of the Devils like the others, Charmy grew angry at the amount of destruction caused to a forest in the Heart Kingdom. When it looked like she was pinned down by Halbet's hair magic, Charmy transformed into her Dwarf form once more and unleashed her hidden wolf.

Black Clover Charmy Food Magic Glutton's Banquet Cook
(Photo: Shueisha)

Then she unleashed her rune arrays, and revealed the boost to her Food Magic with the new spell, Glutton's Banquet Cook. Halbet was agile, but Charmy's array trapped her and the area around her in the spell. Cook put Halbet in a giant pot and "cooked" her into a form that her wolf could eat. With Halbet completely drained of her mana, Charmy delivered a storm of fierce punches and put Halbet down for good.

The Black Bulls underwent this training for the last six months in order to stand a chance against the Heart Kingdom, and if the latest chapters are anything to go by this rune training was just what they needed to close the gap. But what did you think of Charmy's newest spell? Did you like seeing the fruits of her training? Curious to see how strong the others have gotten? How have yu liked the Spade Kingdom battles so far? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!