Black Clover's Creator Teases the Extent of Noelle's Power

Black Clover's preparing to deal with its next massive threat as Asta and the other Black Bulls [...]

Black Clover's preparing to deal with its next massive threat as Asta and the other Black Bulls head outside of the Clover Kingdom in search of more information on the Devils, and each one tends to get stronger than ever as they continue to deal with more troubling opponents. This was mentioned by the Wizard King too as he noted that Noelle and Mimosa's battling against the possessed Magic Knights from the threat of the Elves had made them stronger as a result. But is there a ceiling as to how far they could grow from here?

Because while the majority of the series is focused on the journey of Asta and Yuno as they continue to compete for the future role as Wizard King, series creator Yuki Tabata is not one to forget about all the other characters around them. As Asta continues to grow in strength, it appears that Noelle Silva will continue to grow too.

When asked about how much magic potential Noelle has in comparison to other characters, Tabata revealed that she has the latent magic potential that "might" be on the same level as her mother's and the Wizard King Julius Novachrono. Which means that if she continues to work hard, then Noelle could be stronger than anyone.

Tabata On Noelle's Magic from r/BlackClover

Noelle was originally introduced with a quirk that she was unable to control her magic, and thus was seen as an unfitting of a royal. But thanks to the help of Asta and the other Black Bulls, Noelle continued to grow the more they fought against the Eye of the Midnight Sun. But as Noelle and the others come face to face with many other threats, it seems like she's going to get much stronger from here.

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Yuki Tabata first created Black Clover for Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in 2015. The popular series follows two young boys named Asta and Yuno who are growing up in a world where magic is everything. Asta, unfortunately, seems to have been born without magical powers while Yuno is a young prodigy whose magical powers rival that of the strongest magic users in the Clover Kingdom, the Magic Knights. The two young boys now strive to become the strongest wizard in the Clover Kingdom, The Wizard King.