Black Clover Takes Yami's Strength to the Next Level

Black Clover's latest arc has pit Asta and the other Black Bulls against the threats of the Spade [...]

Black Clover's latest arc has pit Asta and the other Black Bulls against the threats of the Spade Kingdom, but before it officially kicked off this arc they took a brief six month break to train in the Heart Kingdom. Although the time span passed in a single chapter, the time jump in the series gave all of the characters a huge power boost. Over the last few chapters we have seen how characters like Asta have managed to grow in that time, but Dante of the Dark Triad had pushed him to the brink and overpowered Asta's Devil form.

Thankfully, Captain Yami Skuehiro arrived just in time to save his squad from Dante. There was a worry that even Yami wouldn't be strong enough to fight off a Devil user who had managed to defeat Asta with a few choice blows, but as Chapter 245 of the series demonstrates there was no real reason to worry. Yami's gotten much stronger too.

Yami reveals that he too has been training during the six month time skip, and in that time has learned a few new tricks. One of the biggest is the new use of his Mana Zone which now combines with his Black Hole spell to form a new technique: Black Moon. This creates a sphere of dark magic in the sky above him, and extends his zone out to a greater area.

While Dante's gravity magic proved to be too strong for the others, Yami's Black Moon cancels out this magic (and presumably all others within this zone) and gives him the speed boost he needs to keep up with Dante's devil infused speed and strength. He then condenses Black Moon into his katana to form the "Dark Cloaked Iai Slash" attack which cuts Dante down at the end of the chapter.

Much of these strength improvements have been a surprise in the manga, but the anime will soon be exploring this training period even further with an original arc filling in the gaps. Perhaps we'll see how Yami got this new strength, but what do you think? Curious to see what else Yami has learned in the six months? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool things @Valdezology on Twitter!