Bleach's New Canon Spin-Off Novel Releases Story Details

Tite Kubo is still taking a much-deserved break following the end of Bleach, but that does not mean the franchise is done forever. Since the shonen manga ran its course, a few spinoff novels inspired by the series have been released, and a new one will be coming to fans later this month. Bleach: Can't Fear Your Own World will begin its serialization starting on April 28, and its stories were sourced straight from Kubo. Ryohgo Narita will pen the tale, so Baccano! and Durarara!! fans can look forward the artist's work.

An advert for the book was released earlier today, and it shows some telling artwork. The new canonical story will focus on Hisagi Shuhei as the vice captain of Squad 9 attempts to unravel a mystery which Kaname Tosen left behind. The artwork also features familiar characters which fans have not seen for sometimes. Arrancars like Grimmjow can be spotted in the new advert, and the novel's summary stresses it will provide new details about the race. The story will also shed light on the Soul Society's four noble families, the Soul King, and the Fullbringers as well.

You can read the advert's translated summary below:

"An assassination attempt aimed at the four great noble clans. An unknown shinigami attacks the Quincy and the Arrancar that survived in Hueco Mundo. A rapidly growing, mysterious religious group in the Human World…The turmoil in each of the three realms of existence was rooted in the new head of the Tsunayashiro family, one of the four great noble clans. Apart from being a shinigami, Hisagi Shūhei approaches the case from a journalistic viewpoint. However, he does not yet know that he is trying to touch the fearful secrets of Soul Society itself…!!"

A comment from Ryohgo is also included in the advert. The artist said many of the novel's scenes were created by Kubo. "Many scenes were based on directions I received from Mr.Kubo personally, I will do my best to be up to the task of extensively conveying the charm of Bleach even further!" he said.

If you want to read the new story, then English readers may have a delay. The original manga will launch on Shonen Jump+ and the official Bleach app later this month. There is no word about whether the story will be translated in realtime or not. The apps will update the new story with chapters every other week.

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Bleach: Can't Fear Your Own World will be the final novelization for Bleach following its end. Makoto Matsubara released a spinoff novel last December which centered on Rukia's wedding to Renji.


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