Bleach Creator Reveals Which Anime Arc Is Their Favorite

Bleach is finally set to make a major comeback later this year via the return of the anime adaptation and the telling of the story known as the Thousand Year Blood War Arc. With new episodes set to arrive this fall, creator Tite Kubo had the opportunity to sit down for an interview with Viz Media, answering a number of different questions including which of the anime arcs was the mangaka's favorite and the answer might definitely surprise you.

Tite Kubo gave a surprising response to the question of which was his favorite arc from the anime but not choosing one that spawned from his own mind but was an anime-only original storyline that saw Ichigo and the Soul Society 

"I think it's called the Invasion Army Arc. I honestly didn't have high hopes for the anime-original arcs, but this one really surprised me. There are some amazingly directed sequences in that arc, and I really appreciate that."

This specific arc introduced doppelgangers of Ichigo and the major members of the Soul Society to the anime, following the major battle against Aizen. This storyline was also notable for being the second to last major arc of the anime series, before bringing the television series to a close following the ending of the original manga in the pages of Shonen Jump. 

If you haven't had the opportunity to watch this entire interview in full, Viz Media shared the chat with Bleach creator Tite Kubo that not only has him discussing his favorite arc of the anime but also diving into the series' comeback that is set to land this fall via the Thousand Year Blood War Arc: 

In the previously released new chapter of Bleach, readers were able to see Tite Kubo implement a time skip in which Ichigo has settled down with Orihime and had a child of their own. With Soul Society revealing a terrifying secret when it came to the fate of Captains in their ranks who died, the installment might be giving fans an idea of the future of the franchise.

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