This 'Bleach' Animation Brings Kenpachi's Bankai To Life

There is nothing better than hearing one of Bleach’s Soul Reapers call out their Bankai. Tite [...]

There is nothing better than hearing one of Bleach's Soul Reapers call out their Bankai. Tite Kubo created some truly insane offenses during his time with the series, but some of the manga's best Bankai never got animated.

So, some forward-thinking fans did the animation on their own.

Over on Youtube, the channel Animix came together to do a fan-animation of Kenpachi's devastating Bankai. The video, which has garnered more than a million views, gives a peek at what Pierrot could have done with the power-up on Bleach.

As you can see above, the clip is subtitled in French, so fans may have trouble keeping up with its story. It stars Yachiru and Kenpachi as the pair face off with their opponent Gerard. After being beaten into the ground. Kenpachi looks like he has lost to the Valkyrie, but Yachiru steps in to unleash her captain's Bankai.

When the transformation goes down, Kenpachi is absorbed in a massive wave of energy. All of the Soul Reapers around the volatile captain are left stunned by the show of power, but that is nothing compared to how fans felt seeing the form. The fan-animation puts particular attention on how devilish the form appears, and Kenpachi clearly pulls it off.

When the captain calls upon his unnamed Bankai, Kenpachi gives into his most basic instincts. The fighter runs off his need to shed blood, and his reddened skin makes him look pretty dang demonic. With lines carved down his face, Kenpachi grows horns on his forehead to compete his terrifying Bankai look. As for his Zanpakuto, Kenpachi wields a jagged war cleaver in this form, and he becomes so powerful that one of his sword swings actually ripped of his own arm.

So, yeah - talk about intense.

If you are not familiar with Bleach, then you should know the series is a massively popular one with fans. The franchise began in 2001 under Tite Kubo before an anime adaptation started in 2004. The supernatural series follows the life of a boy named Ichigo Kurosaki after he becomes a substitute Soul Reaper. The immensely gifted boy works with his partner Rukia to dispath evil souls and send others to their resting place. However, when Ichigo learns of the Soul Society and its strict customs, the hero discovers his world is in far more danger than he could have imagined

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