Bleach Fans Sound Off After Popular Tweet "Spoils" a Romance

When there are spoilers to be found for an anime, there are those who run away and those who run towards them. This even impacts old-school series that were completed a long time ago. Netizens found that out the hard way when a tweet about Bleach went live as newcomers began accusing the post of spoiling an important romance.

The message went live from Viz Media's official account as the publisher wished Renji a happy birthday. The account referred to Renji as Rukia's husband, and well - Bleach fans took issue with that. Not only did the description upset shippers who hated Renji x Rukia, but it also upset readers new to the series who did not know about this romance.

As you can imagine, this reveal would come as a shock. Bleach is not overly romantic, and it never pushed for any couples even though fans did online. While Orihime and Ichigo became a popular ship, Renji gravitated towards Rukia in the meantime. His connection to her backstory made their ship even stronger amongst fans, but it took quite a while to solidify their relationship in Bleach.

In fact, the manga didn't hint at the inevitable romance until the final arc or so. Even the epilogue took fans by surprise when it revealed Rukia and Renji had married one another. The pair even have a daughter, so their romance is doing well. Still, anyone who just started Bleach would not see that coming, and even those who stopped the series when the anime wrapped wouldn't know. And when you consider all the other ways Renji can be described, you can understand their frustrations over this lil' spoiler.

What do you make of this 'controversial' tweet? Do you think this Bleach spoiler was fair game to share at this point? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.